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[edit] Rose Mickalide

Name:Rose Mickalide

Phone Number:818.459.5012 (#3942)

Website: and (PIN:7226)


Rose is fan that Gina met on March 5th, 2008 at The Rainbow Room. Rose works for the LAPD and has put up a gated site that has part of Gina's performance. The webpage has a phone number to call (415.366.0734) where feedback can be left and heard on the same page.

Rose and Gina become friends and she helps Gina by getting Andy's police report to her.

Rose has put up Gina's diary and webpages as a favor to Gina in order to tell her side of the story.

Once someone has found the buried artifact from the game, they have been asked by Gina to contact Rose so that she can share their story and images with the world on Gina's site.

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