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[edit] Timeline

[edit] October 2

  • Tip: Player Avatrix got a tip-off from someone at 42 Entertainment about the trailhead site love-resurrected.com and posted it on the unfiction forums.
  • Story: In short order, a great deal of information was collected from Gina's online journal. This included people, telephone numbers, videos, a guitar chord puzzle, boyfriends with shady backgrounds and the police.
  • Clues: It was discovered that at the end of each of Gina's performance videos, a word would flash briefly on the screen. Combine the words to find another clue.
  • Geocache: One piece of information gave the map coordinates for buried swag in southern California.
  • Video Update: A short, silent video was released with further clues as to where the swag was buried tipping off the 13th of October as the next video update date.
[edit] Detail
  • love-resurrected.com is found, containing a note and Gina's diary, and a box to provide your cell number.
  • After opening the diary, a number of other items are available on the desktop:
    • A scrap piece of paper with the letters: N and W
    • LAPD dossier for Andy McGee (aka Drew Richards)
    • A letter containing circled letters spelling: www.myspace.com/toryrowen (link, for Tory Rowen)
    • A photo of Drew Richards, with his phone number: 626.549.6681
    • A 'moo' style business card for Dan Hamilton Design, with phone: 310.818.4542
    • A matchbook with the email address: stanford.carolyn@yahoo.com
    • A set of 6 guitar chords with the message "Figure this out and then call me", "Drew Richards": the chords spell FACADE
    • A photo strip with Gina and another man, with the phone number: 213.405.5349
  • Reading through the diary reveals additional leads:

[edit] October 3

  • Geocache: Players FacianeA and faeryqueen21 (along with a friend named Andrew) drove to the coordinates late at night (or early in the morning depending on how you look at it). Following is a transcript of the event as posted by faeryqueen21:
I'm back! It's after 2 and FacianeA has an even longer drive home! Anyway, we drove out there around 9:30. Got there around 10:30. Quickly found the stairs but it was suggested that there might be a lot of these on the road and this one didn't look quite right. So we drove on for another hour. Eventually, we decided this was not right and turned back around. We got back to the place we started. It took us a while to find the rock since it was pitch black and we didn't have very high powered flashlights. It was such an awesome moment when we found it. Watching the video this was obviously done in May since there is no longer a river or green grass. It's all dry and dead out there now. Anyway, we moved the rock and got digging. Eventually there was a box wrapped up in various shopping bags. Inside the box was a note from Gina and the pick Drew gave her. The note didn't say much clue-wise but FacianeA will scan it and upload it later. We then tore up the black lining to find a copy of Gina's CD. On the outside she wrote "Thanks for reading my story" and signed it. The CD was pretty basic but printed in small writing on it was "rose #7226". I assume a password but I'm too tired to figure out which one. We listened to the CD on the way back but it was just music. We re-buried the bags with what I had brought, but I doubt anyone will go back out there now that we've taken the game related stuff.

UGH. UGH. UGH. I'm not sure exactly what happened on my long and winded journey home, but suffice it to say, I strolled in my front door enjoying the beautiful misty wetness of my neighborhood at 7am. Sorry I haven't scanned everything yet, but I'll get around to it after a little bit more sleep. Oh! Also I can up the songs, if you guys think that's like, morally an o.k. thing to do. Anyway, here's the text of the note for now. "05-12-08 If you're reading this, you know my story and now you have something to remember it by. Like I said in my Last note, if you send your story and pictures to Rose at roseSPLATlove-resurrected.com. She'll put your experience up for you too. Take care for now and thank you for getting this far. Don't forget to leave something for the next person. Gina" That weird capital L in last is as is, but I don't get the feeling that it means anything. Haha. Also, the pick is cool. It says Love Resurrected 2008 Gina on it, and on the back it says DR. It really does seem like an endgame sort of situation, so I'm interested to see what's next. Good job everyone.

Pictures from the hunt:


October 13, 2008 An update to the www.love-resurrected.com/lastgig site was made that offered clues to yet another real world location

October 14, 2008 A new URL was released: www.love-resurrected.com/visitors

This page archives the different people who visit Gina's plot and offers a new puzzle to be solved at the bottom of the page.

October 22, 2008 Faeryqueen21 once again (as she lives in Pasadena CA and is the closest to it) drove out to the site and found an artifact hidden behind a picture at the Queens Hotel in Victorville

I'm back! The drive there was lame because of traffic but the way back wasn't too bad. I got to the motel and asked for room 127. She didn't question me at all but wanted to make sure I was ok with the fact that the room was non-smoking. Once in the room I checked behind the picture. Taped to the back was a cd, as expected. On the cd is written, "I had no choice. Thank you for coming this far. Gina". Also taped to the back was a shell casing with a piece of paper rolled up inside. Written on the paper is "/vindicated127". There folks, you will find a ton of puzzly goodness to sink your teeth into! www.love-resurrected.com/vindicated127

So then I left. I just told the woman I wouldn't actually be able to stay the night and she just smiled and took the key back. She probably thought I was a prostitute or something.

Pictures to come soon!

P.S. - I forgot to mention that I did check around the room a bit for anymore clues and found nothing.

Pictures!! http://www.flickr.com/photos/31087450@N04/sets/72157608283643348/

This new URL let to a new series of puzzles and more than half were solved in the same night

As a thank you for going through her story and experience, a closure URL was released to the players as an invitation to Gina's final gig at the Derby in Los Feliz, CA. http://www.love-resurrected.com/vindicated127/death.html

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